What you need:

  • A source
  • A base
  • Timing

Step #1

  • Open Vegas Pro, drag the source, and the base into your timeline.

Step #2

  • Go to File, Properties, and Ruler, and set the ruler time format, (BPM) to 140.000. Also, mainly if you're in Sony Vegas Pro 11, you'll need to disable the "Quantize to Frames" feature. All of this will help you get the timing right.

Step #3

  • Follow this chorus pattern: 11_11_111_1_1_11222_2_222_222_2
  • Choose a quote, for example:
  • Make each notes 3 frames long, and make each skip (as the "_") 3 frames long.
  • If it's this symbol, "*," then that means you have to double the length of the clip.
    • The "Epicness" article is shown here..
    • The "Freestyle" article is shown here.
    • The "Pitch Patterns" article is shown here.
    • The "Pitch Samples" article is shown here.

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