keatonkeaton999 (aka Funtastic Power!) or just simply Keaton, released 300 This is Sparta (fun times mix) in 2007. He posted it on YTMND where it gained considerable popularity. But the meme didn't really start until he decided to extend his remix, and the EXTENDED fun times mix (aka Sparta Remix EXTENDED) was put in several videos containing Sparta gifs. The first Sparta Remix that wasn't the original was actually created by Keaton, and it was DENTAL PLAN (fun times mix). It used the Unextended Base.

People then started to post their on Sparta Remixes on Youtube using other popular movies, memes, and TV shows years later.


SupDawg444, Tachin1994, and RAVAGE656, are the first sparta remixers who knew the basic formulas of the sparta remix: the Chorus, DunDunDenDen, and Madness. Not many people got the concept of "sparta patterns". Pretty much only the basic chorus pattern is used. Only the experienced could get the patterns correct at that time. Remixers like to put sparta-related gifs and weird meme visuals in their sparta remixes. WMM was used in sparta remixes before Sony Vegas.


Many remixes made during that time were extremely standard. TheLuigifan007 and Tachin1994 were the first to know how to pitch shift. Pitch patterns during that period usually weren't 0, 0, 1, 1. -2, -2, 1, 1. Freestyle also emerged in this period. Some used Sony Vegas to improve their sparta remixes. Bases have also been introduced but they haven't been commonly made until years later.


Many sparta remixers have improved during this period. Pitch shift was alright. There are other Sparta Remixers that are terrible at timing. The basic chorus and most basic freestyles were correctly used. Basic pitch was used a bit more. Remixers like to put random visual effects at that time.


More new sparta remixers came in and some left. People started grasping the basic pitch pattern and also 0,12,0,12,1,13,1,13 but not many people knew the concept of "correct notes". MLP:FiM started to become overused in sparta remixes at that time. Sparta Duels and basic percussion were introduced. DreamCloud's Awesomeness 1 and 2 emerged, but the pattern hasn't been used until mid to late 2014.

The most notable remixer at that time was MirrorImage98. He was the first to discover the awesomeness patterns.


There were two programs that have been used frequently at this time: Melodyne and NewBlueFX. XlethYireh/Aduburyus implemented Melodyne in 2012. Experienced remixers at that time knew Melodyne. The Awesomeness patterns emerged in this period.

KingSpartaX37 was most notable remixer at that time. He has been known for doing some of the most memorable videos of Sparta Remixes, most of which were removed by him.


(COLLAB) Spongebob Strike - Sparta Remix00:30

(COLLAB) Spongebob Strike - Sparta Remix

An example of a troll vid. They use custom thumbnails to lure sparta remixers and sometimes cause pointless fights

People started using hi-hats, neater box visuals and more accurate percs as well as correct pitch. Some remixes used fake pitch samples, sometimes involving super-stretching the samples (and sometimes used with Melodyne). Melodyne also began to be more common at that time. Vibrato/scratching freestyles emerged and pitch slides as well. SpongeBob, as well as object shows such as BFDI and Inanimate Insanity have started to become overused at the time. Pointless fights, sarcastic comments, and troll vids began emerging in the community from early to mid 2013.

Freestyles died out in 2013 but there are some remixers that use freesyles today. The argument of Fake Pitch originated from this period and has continued up to this day.

The most notable remixer of that year was Aduburyus, because of the continuation of creativity in his remixes.


Spartan Dash VS Jario02:17

Spartan Dash VS Jario

How sparta remixes were copied.

This was considered the dark age of Sparta Remixes, because things started to go downhill at this time.

Epic visuals emerged after Aduburyus made his "epic" sparta remixes (Feels So Good v2, pinhead.veg, hap hu collab). He innovated so many things for Sparta remixes, such as arps, FL Studio effects, and autotune. Everyone tried to be like the more appreciated sparta remixers, including Aduburyus, by copying original ideas, using the same idea over and over again, and the idea of having epic visuals in their remixes.

Many of the old remixers (2010-2013) have quit making videos because of the sudden immaturity of the community, more pointless fights, and other reasons. Sparta Remix kids or Sparta kids was a term used to describe Sparta Remixers usually under the age of 13 (sometimes older) that act immaturely, even in criticism and they sometimes copy others.

People used fake pitch and fake percs more often. Fake percs were usually done by taking FL percs and placing it over visuals. Vocodex, Granular Synthesis, and Bitspeek were introduced but people have considered it to be methods of fake pitch. Turning percs to pitch samples also appeared after Vocodex was introduced.

SpongeBob sources, FNAF sources (How To Make FNAF Not Scary, Animations, LPers, variations of it like Five Nights at Treasure Island) and object shows have been very overused to death during this time. Scratching and Boris FX visuals were overused. Visuals started to become more important than audio. NO BGM sparta remixes were also introduced.


(COLLAB ENTRY) The First Paw Patrol Sparta Remix Ever01:17

(COLLAB ENTRY) The First Paw Patrol Sparta Remix Ever

An example of .veg replace of Aduburyus's sparta^2 .veg file

Many people predicted that this year will be worse than 2014 that will almost kill sparta remixes. But that was proven wrong in this year.

Many classic sparta remixers like AoneAtwoAthree, MyLandmasterAlt2, and Teh93rdSpartan returned for a short time. Some of the "noob" spartans have improved to make really good remixes as well. Alex The Savior was booming with ideas during the time, which were soon to be overused.

The most overused base made this year was the Sparta Pulse Remix and has been infamous for it's overuse.

Sparta Remix² existed in a short time. To explain it briefly, it's a sparta remix of a sparta remix. Sparta Remix of YTPMVs existed, but are rare and were made by Ookami. VEG replacing existed in this period, but many, if not all sparta remixers will consider them lazy because veg replacing a source does nothing but retaining the visuals, source, and base. Freestyle pitches and 32nd note pitches became popular due to Alex The Savior and the Pulse pitch patterns. 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 boxes became widespread.

The problems of this time were that videos being stolen by other people, Soundgoodizer was overused in the latter half of 2015, and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Unfortunately, FNAF fans ended up making way more FNAF remixes than expected, which caused beginners/amateurs such as DoctorMario Primeus and SiL L to rise up to a sub count of around 3,000+ almost instantly, no matter if it's terrible to the point of being laughable.

Quack Addict was one of the victims of this terribad FNAF fandom. Those fans ONLY watched his FNAF remixes and not his other content. He, not wanting this, eventually deleted all of his FNAF related videos. Quack Addict finished them off by making videos offensive towards FNAF fans and eventually caused them to unsubscribe. Now, Quack Addict rests happily with a true and loyal 13,000+ sub count until he got shut down by false flaggers.


"I'm done00:06

"I'm done."

A video where Matt Conagher shows his point of view on the current situation and his retirement. Read the description, everything written is ACTUALLY true.

Teh S-Side Of Sparta Collab!11:06

Teh S-Side Of Sparta Collab!

As this year started a not too long time ago, was the 9 year anniversary of the fad.

On the darker side, people have claimed that this year was worse than 2014.

Big name remixers (Matt Conagher, Alex The Savior, Unknown/Sprocket, etc.) left, however some came back.
JVids24 relating to Sparta Remixes45:16

JVids24 relating to Sparta Remixes

A "podcast" about Sparta Remixes featuring DanDaManStudios1/Maverick Hunter Daniel and TheLuigiFan007/JVids24

Many remixes at these period were usually just pitch/perc covers like in 2015 or with a lot of freestyle pitch (which was popularized by Alex The Savior). Sudden pitch changes and sparta remixes that use a different song as a base were common ideas that have emerged at this time.

There were more than just quote on quote "sparta kids" that are destroying the community. Remixers have reacted to certain criticisms or actions by making anti-channels on a specific person (e.g Anti-Oguzkan, SamarcoHD), grabbing people's IPs, hypocrites who speak about how much the community is horrible and taking down someone's channel because you don't like them (e.g Matt Conagher to Teh Pekos and Anti-Oguzkan to Oguz).

"Sparta kids" who use a specific application titled Pixitracker have came in and created Sparta Remixes or Sparta bases with it. It has been frowned upon by many actual Sparta Remixers.

"This fad, has reached its final level", "There is no community anymore" and "This is the year where Sparta Remixes will die off" is usually the mindset of this community, particularly from the more experienced remixers, at this time.

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