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Harley201 is a sparta remixer. He made remixes with terrible timing but he improved since then. His first subscriber was Gus747limo which was a sparta remixer that used to just copy videos and call it their own. He has only entered one sparta remix collab.


(Crash Bash) You Fail Sparta Remix (preview)-0

(Crash Bash) You Fail Sparta Remix (preview)-0

He started as a remixer that had terrible timing and had no freestyle but then he improved. He joined youtube in April 4, 2011 but made sparta remixes about a year later. Most of his old youtube videos were removed due to them "sucking in everything possible". He has only talked in one video. He made one single base called ether Sparta Crash Bash Base or Sparta Crash Bandicoot Base. His best sparta remix (not including the collab part) is his crash bash sparta remix.

Pitch Technique

He uses his own technique is the stretch and filter, This technique includes stretching the source, going into melodyne to fix the pitch, Using the FL FILTER vst to filter a bit and then correcting the pitch in vegas.


  • He is Canadian.
  • His Birthday is on July 4th.
  • His brother requests a lot.
  • His brother can be seen on his video Jesse's World.
  • He loves art and 3d modeling.
  • His current favorite sparta remixer is Teh Pekos because hes good at what he does and he hopes he has fun doing it.
  • He is really nice.
  • He hates fake pitch, as it makes the remixers look lazy.
  • His actual YouTube profile pic is Ripper Roo.