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GumballPoops/Gaiimus (his account) is a Sparta Remixer. He also makes random videos, sfm/gmod videos, and he does YTPMV's too. He is also a very sarcastic person just like his friend EdgyJelly. He has a alt account called UnfunnyChan.


  • 1-1-111-1-11-3-3-3-333-3-1-1-111-1-11-2-2-22222-2


  • He played videogames with InternetVG and laughed at Thefreedumbteam because he was playing as a female character in the game objectlife
  • His account was suspended because of copyright
  • He left the BFDI Fandom in 2014
  • His favourite character in BFDI is firey
  • He made the first "The misfortune of being ned" sparta remix in youtube
  • He had a steam account
  • He's a boy
  • His first sparta remixes were made with camtasia studio
  • He has a fancharacter
  • His first base was the "Sparta JTK base"
  • Spymentio uploaded some spanish videos to gumball's account when he didn't have an account
  • He likes Skullgirls

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