Future!Tom's icon.
Vital statistics
Name Future!Tom
Gender Male
Country USA
Status Active
Date joined 2010
Date left around 2014
First base Sparta Coolision Base (removed)
First remix

Future! Tom is a 13-year-old high-functioning autistic American Sparta Remixer that started around 2010 and retired in 2014, only to get access to Vegas and go back in 2016.


  • Eddsworld
  • TomSka
  • Matt Lobster
  • Crash Zoom
  • LeafyIsHere
  • Luna

Social Media

His Twitter

His Youtube

His Alt

His Wikia

Sparta Bases

[(W.I.P.) Sparta Red Green Base 4]

All information written by Future!Tom himself. Please do not edit the information without providing a reference as the edit summary proving the new info is true, or else it will be undone as soon as possible.. Thank you.

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