Frannintendo64 was a Sparta Remixer on YouTube. He was the only guy who made Sparta Remixes in Spain. Since he watched the Sparta Remixes on YouTube, he could not resist to learn how it was done. He was dedicated to making Sparta Remixes, YTMND's and YTPMV's. He joined YouTube in 10-10-2008. His nickname came from "Fran", and "Nintendo 64".

Sparta Remixes and Popularity

Since he made the "Red Spy Is In The Base Sparta Remix", Frannintendo64 gained much popularity. Specially when he won the Hispan Sparta Remix contest. Now some of his Sparta Remixes were "MARIO'S HEAD - PEEKABOO SPARTA REMIX" - "RED SPY IS IN THE BASE SPARTA REMIX" - "THE BEST MARIO KART WII SPARTA MEGA MIX YOU WILL FIND ON YOUTUBE" and "MARIO HAS A SPARTA TRANCE V3 REMIX". Some of his best Sparta Remixes were: "SHINX HAS A SPARTA REMIX V2","SHINX CRY (SPARTA HANGING ON REMIX)", and "Mario Kart Wii!! (EXTENDED SPARTA REMIX)".


He made "What is Love" gifts. Since the last one he made, he had not done many. But he redid gifts at any time. He had two: "What is Waluigi" and "What is Mama Luigi". He made a YTPMV called "MARIO KART 64 REMIX" , a remix with the Mario-Luigi Circuit Music from Mario Kart 64 and a remix with the Dr. Mario music with Soldier (from Team Fortress 2), called "Dr. Soldier". And some videos from a fad called "Gentlementlemen" with "Ageha Ryu" from Beatmania. When he quit Sparta Remixes for a few months, he made a lot of YTPMV's. One of his famous YTPMV's was his【レッドゾーン】SHINX ZONE [コリンクゾーン], and another Red Zone called 【レッドゾーン】LIVE MESSENGER ZONE. He made a lot of random YTPMVs.

Current activity

He retired making Sparta Remixes. He made a final Sparta Remix (definitely final), using his five most popular Sparta Remixes: "THE BEST SUPER SONIC RACING SPARTA REMIX ON YOUTUBE", "MARIO HAS A SPARTA TRANCE REMIX (V3)", "THE GOLDEN HAMMER OF SPARTA", "SHINX HAS A SPARTA HYPER MIX" and "Mario Kart Wii!! (EXTENDED Sparta Remix)" using the RAVAGE656's Creations Base.

Some time ago, he uploaded his definitely Sparta Remix (It's a me Mario - Sparta Madhouse remix).

thumb|right|226px|The "semi-final" Sparta Remix of Frannintendo64


-The Channel of frannintendo64

-Frannintendo64´s Alternate Account (THESHINXMASTER)

-DeviantArt Account


  • Note: He gave his account to MrXarlable as a alt account

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