Raincow Dash (Sexy Cowpony)

EpicSnivyAble (AKA: EpicSerperiorAble and Raincow Dash (Sexy Cowpony)) A Sparta Remixer from teh U.S. who, obviously, loves Pokemon and also loves teh show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! He has 1,000+ subs in May 2015.

Depreciated channel. New channel:


Oh shit! (Sparta Hyper Remix)02:27

Oh shit! (Sparta Hyper Remix)

The first OFFICIAL video I have made.

Well, I've kow about he Sparta Remix since 2011 when I was first introduced to it via Flipnote from Flipnote Studio​.

In later 2012, after I had aquired a YouTube account, I started with the basics of the remixing. Then, I learned of pitch, freestyle, and all that good stuff, which lead to where I am today!

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