Dijapter Rapter (Simply as Dijapter or Dijapter_R) is a Sparta Remixer.


Actual channel logo


Dijapter first Sparta Remix were Sparta Remix-El Papanatas-LOS SIMPSONS after that he continued making Sparta Remixes of different variety of sources.


(Remake .02:15

(Remake . .) Pelapooooooop xD Has A Sparta Poison Remix

His interest are:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • Half Life
  • Portal
  • Geometry Dash
  • Gmod
  • Loquendo Videos
  • Sketches and parodies
  • Epic Rap Battles of History
  • YTPH


His friends are:

  • M 400
  • TehPeruvianSpartanGX
  • Knikeo
  • Mr.ASpartaX37
  • djpanzitoloquendero


Dijapter actually don't have any enemies
Pinkie Pie Has A Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix02:42

Pinkie Pie Has A Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix

Most viewed video

Most viewed videos

  • Pinkie Pie Has A Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix (141,118 Views)
  • Sparta Venom Remix (S.V.R)-My little pony-Rainbow dash en el hospital (43,129 Views)
  • [Fucking Spanish] Mediocre! Sparta Ninetin Remix (22,343 Views)


  • He originally planned of making parodies after Sparta Remixes
  • He deleted his first original Sparta Remix because it was too bad
  • He maked this article because no one put him in here :'(
  • He will Reveal his face in 14/05/16
  • Hes mexican

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