DeJon Da KirbyRemixer is a 14 year old Sparta Remixer who formerly played video games on his channel. He used to use a program called VideoPad to make sparta remixes at first (They were awful), he then got Sony Vegas Pro 10 and some help from Mr.ASpartaX37. After that, he has improved greatly and could be considered decent now. His biggest inspiration for making sparta remixes was because of DreamLandSpartan.




DeJon Da Kirby Remixer 2002

Discord: DeJon Da KirbyGamer02#7463

Sparta Remix History

DeJon started off his sparta remixing life with VideoPad and using sources such as FNAF, Cartoons, Video Games and Movies. Mr.ASpartaX37 ended up helping DeJon improve his sparta remixing skills by sending tutorials and a Sony Vegas crack. After a while (When he got Sony Vegas) he stopped using FNAF and deleted most of his FNAF remixes, he then shifted his focus to Cartoons and (sometimes) Anime. He now will take requests and do collabs if interested. Although, he refuses to use overused sources such as, Object Shows, FNAF, HTF, and MLP (SpongeBob is an exception for him).


  • He's a huge Nintendo fan
  • He can't decide what his favorite cartoon is
  • He finds some cartoon/ anime characters attractive
  • He loves making remixes with his favorite cartoons
  • His favorite remixer is DreamLandSpartan
  • He wants to become friends with more remixers
  • His favorite bases are Cyclone, Dream Factory, Nos, Gamma, Autumn SDE, and more!
  • His goal is to make all of his favorite cartoons have good remixes either by him or someone else as a request.

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