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DangoOlreala (also known as GlobTheForce, and lGD) Is a sparta remixer that Started In 2011, and has been Improving throughout the years hes been remixing. He mostly participates In collabs.

It has also been announced that DangoOlreala will stop remixes of all sort or have nothing to do with the community on November 22. 2015.


DangoOlreala started out as GlobTheForce in 2011, making remixes that wasn't the best sounding remixes and since the first ever remix he made he has been improving since. He would make pitch samples using instruments, and yelling sounds, with terrible timing. he then found iteachvader's sparta tutorial which helped him with the timing.

In 2013 was GlobTheForce's great year at remixing till he decided to close his channel, due to hate and since then he disappeared from the community. In 2015, GlobTheForce opened a youtube channel under the name DangoOlreala and spent all those time posting sarcastic mean comments towards remixers. The most populaur comment he made was towards a Sparta Remixer named "Teh Albino Spartan" who then took it seriously which made it gain popularity. In May he started making only Collab Parts Instead of actual Sparta Remixes. Later in the year he stopped doing collab parts of all sort and started trolling and posting sarcastic comments. He is gay.

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