DaSpartanRemixer is a Sparta Remixer joined at the year Late 2012. Although he joined in 2012, he started doing Sparta Remixes in May 2014. He has an alt account named "DaSpartanRemixer Alt" created in 2014 which is for content unrelated to Sparta remixes.


DaSpartanRemixer began Sparta Remixing at the year 2014 with his first remix, "ASSEMblergames intro has a Sparta Remix". At that time his Sparta remixes were generic, until he discovered freestyle patterns and pitch shifting in 2014-2015. He uses various sources such as logos and etc. He uses Melodyne for the pitch. On 8 August 2015, he made its first Awesomeness 1 and 2 for Cartoon Cartoons Sparta Remix (V3). On 30 October 2015, he made the pulse pitch for "[Sparta Remix] I got a bowl, Good for me". In future, he wants to make more pitches and freestyle and probably 2016-17 style.

His popular/most watched remix is the Spiffy Sparta Madhouse SFP Edition Remix.

Custom pitch pattern

In early 2016, DaSpartanRemixer invented his own pitch pattern for his sparta remixes, which can be heard after the first Epicness.

His custom pitch pattern is:


Sparta bases

  • Sparta DiscoParty Mix (mashup of Sparta Madhouse SFP Edition and Doctor Who theme remix), 2015, The first Sparta remix using that base is here
  • Sparta Orbital Mix, 2015, only one Sparta Remixer made a sparta remix using that base, and that is DaSpartanRemixer himself.


Sparta Remixers that Sparta Remix like DaSpartanRemixer (Including video example)


Windows XP - Sparta Extended Remix

Toure Taylor

QuickTime 3 Sparta Remix

Lazy Butterfly

Sparta Remix Wii Fit U FAILS has a Sparta Remix

And also more


SonyFive Music Has a Sparta Remix (DaSpartanRemixer's Style) (Music Included)


Sparta Remix Microsoft logo has a Sparta Remix

And alot more

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