DaIrishSpartan/MarioGaming is a sparta remixer who joined Youtube on Nov. 16 2013. He changed his name to DaIrishSpartan because he doesn't do anything with mario anymore.


DaIrishSpartan didn't start out remixing, infact, he started out doing Minecraft gameplays and SM64 bloopers.

He got inspired to make sparta remixes by ZGU

He was intrested in it, so he started making his own sparta remix.

His first Sparta Remix is a FNAF remix, which indeed, was off timing. The epicness part was wrong, because it was hard for him to do epicness.

It was off-timing for the following reason:

He didn't use the BPM Ruler, and he had quantize frames on.

One day, His friend a found a veg replacement and he gave it to DIS. DIS started to use that for sparta remixes.

Example of one of his veg replacemented video.

But then he found out how to make a remix without a replacement

In 22 Jun 2015, here come his first base, Sparta Drop Base.

He has a new channel :