DavidSpartan is a brazilian sparta remixer who joined in February 2016. He is currently 14 years old.


He started his main channel ( on October 14, 2011 and uploaded some videos. He started remixing on February 6th with the remix "[Sparta Remix Extendido] Dark15 joga uma bola de energia no Toad", because it inspired with the user CatmanTeam. This remix was off-timing. But, it improved a bit with the remix "[Sparta Remix Extended] Netflix Intro" and this started to use pitches and were poorly made. He did the remix "(NÃO ASSISTA ISSO, É MUITO LIXO) [Sparta Poi V1.5 Remix] Ronaldo: SUIÇO!" and the pitches were horrible with the bad percussion. In December 2016, he improved a lot, and started using Melodyne. Created a channel of sparta remixes and did those remixes "Coiny: But guess who got the book [Sparta Dreambells V1 Remix]" and "MePhone: Her Loss [Sparta Amber Blaze Remix]". In January 2017, he made his first sparta base "Sparta Rigel Base". So much improved by the end of January. He participated in the collabs of Free-Rule Sparta Remix 2017 of Alex and Talon. He improved the bass when he did the remix "El Chavo - Já chegou o disco voador! [Sparta Lethal Mix]". His Remix,"¡Ah qué Kiko!" [Sparta Celeste Remix] is his best remix so far. In December 2017, renamed the "DH1theSpartan" to "DavidSpartan"

Sparta Bases


  • Sparta Rigel Base (V1 and V1.5)
  • Sparta Andouillette Base (He does not want anyone to use this base)
  • Sparta Seven Base
  • Sparta Tau Base
  • Sparta Yggdrasil Base (V1, V2 and V3)
  • Sparta Java Base
  • Sparta Serena Base
  • Sparta Prestige DHE Base
  • Sparta External Base (Collab with WooperLooper194)
  • Sparta Isa Base (V1 and V2)
  • Sparta Phantolanda Base (Collab with PhantomRMW)
  • Sparta Taiga Base
  • Sparta Genoveva Base
  • Sparta Victoriya Base
  • Sparta Anthem Base
  • Sparta Metro DHE Base
  • Sparta Neutrino Base
  • Sparta Occidens Base
  • Sparta Metapod Base
  • Sparta Overload Base
  • Sparta Throughfare Base
  • Sparta Remote Base
  • Sparta Ametriz Base


  • Sparta Additivesphere Base
  • Sparta Nameless DHE Base
  • Sparta Panorama Base
  • Sparta Ultimate Blackhole DHE Base
  • Sparta Cinema Base
  • Sparta Aesthetic DHE Base


  • He lives in Brazil
  • He don't like My Little Pony
  • In his main channel, he has more than 3800 subscribers
  • He likes El Chavo del Ocho, BFB, II, Steven Universe and The Simpsons
  • He was inspired by CatmanTeam to make spartan remixes