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August 2015

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Sparta Cosmic Base

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WinBeta No BGM Sparta Remix

Cosmic Console is a Polish Sparta remixer who joined the community in August 2015. Many know him by his Windows BFDI character, Windy Windows.

Cosmic Console greets his viewers with the phrase, "Hello humans!" Or "Cześć ludzie!" in Polish. Many have speculated that Cosmic Console is not human, due to that fact that when he is talking about a group of people or his viewers, he refers to them as "members of human society". However there are people out there that disagree with this theory, saying Cosmic Console just puts on an act.

When asked, he replies with a vague answer like "I'm just a living being on the internet."


He started making Sparta remixes in GarageBand, a commonly known music-making application for Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems. These Sparta remixes were usually off-beat, due to the fact that in GarageBand, you have to play sounds on an on-screen keyboard to make music. The pitch shift was the best part of the GarageBand made remixes.

Cosmic Console only has ever released two remixes made in GarageBand. Those are his Sony PSP and THIS IS WINDOWS! Sparta remixes. THIS IS WINDOWS soon was re-made properly in Sony Vegas.

Cosmic Console's first properly made Sparta remix was his WinBeta No BGM Sparta Remix,    which only consisted of audio, and no visual elements. Cosmic's first Sparta remix to introduce visuals was his Windows 10 No BGM Sparta Remix. Many claim it was a .veg replace, due to the matching visuals and window placement of a common .veg replace. Cosmic Console states that it in fact is not a veg replace, but he copied the some of the visuals. His most current Sparta remixes are now completely unique.

Cosmic Console started to get requests early in his career. His first request came from EpicGuy7310 (Now TailsFan27) on YouTube. In his request, it is obvious he was shifting away from matching the visual style of the .veg he claims to be copying, by making the pitch window move back and forth in time with the pitch shift. As time went on, Cosmic Console kept adding new visual elements to his remixes, making them more unique to his style.

​Cosmic Console Today

Cosmic Console's most recent Sparta remix is [1st One on YouTube House, MD Sparta Extended Remix]

-1st One on YouTube- House, MD Sparta Extended Remix02:54

-1st One on YouTube- House, MD Sparta Extended Remix

This remix is the first sparta remix ever on YouTube to use the show House, MD as a source. This remix also adds a few new elements to his sparta extended remixies like additional pitches and a few changes in the melody every now-and-then.

​What's Up Next

Cosmic Console is now accepting requests again but he advises that due to reasons such as school, work, (and YouTube's hiding of videos) Sparta remixes and other videos may not be released, (or seen in your subscription feed) as often

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