Greninja by nurinaki-d773qgm
His Profile Picture (CloudNinja Nonsparta Music Channel)
Vital statistics
Name CloudNinja
Gender Male
Country United States
Status inactive
Date joined 5.15.12
Date left 2017
First base Sparta Firecloud Mix
First remix N/A

CloudNinja (Original: TehEpicSpartan) is a 17 year old African American Music Producer and Sparta Base Maker. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a Junior in High School. He retired September of 2015 to do EDM and other genres to become a professional Producer in the future. You can notably tell he has a obsession with Greninja.

He plans on making Sparta Bases as Fillers and something to do when he isn't working on EP's and Major Projects.

His New Profile Picture [FN]CloudNinja

He recently stopped due to lose of interest and what he says "Popularity over Quality" Problem the community has. He's more focused on his major projects now.

CloudNinja < His Channel for Nonsparta Music

Most Popular song Note: His Newer releases (2017) are better. Check those out! >>>> Pokken Tournament Remix <<<<

He's Currently working on an EP labelled "Fire Type". You should also check that out. He's also apart of a Promotion channel called "DVS" Or "Dank Vibe Sounds". Here is a link (Molten Fury By CloudNinja)

Discovering Sparta Remixes

He first saw Sparta remixes back in 2010. First sparta remix that he saw was the "NO Shoes, No Shirts, No Service" "shut up" Sparta Hyper V1.5 remix. First base he saw was Sparta Hyper Remix V1.5 (Lol). First remixer he subscribed to was XlethYireh.


He first started off making mashups using Camtasia Studio, which his first couple were extremely off timing. He soon started getting better, till the point where Spartans called him "Jessie11spykid jr".
Sparta Firecloud Mix02:39

Sparta Firecloud Mix

His First Mashup

Hard Dance- Pokken - Magikarp Festival Remix04:06

Hard Dance- Pokken - Magikarp Festival Remix

His Recent Song

FLSR Electro Dance Club04:06

FLSR Electro Dance Club

Old Song

Electronic Music

In late 2015. He had quit Sparta Base Making to continue improving his Production of music. Being a big fan of Monstercat Record label. He hopes to one day get on that label or other labels.

His first ever song was a crappy unmastered battle theme. Later on he started getting better and better. But got haulted cause of Sparta bases twisting his view on how music really was and how to improve.

Recently. He's been working on much more professional style music. Hoping to become big one day.

His favorite artist are

Rameses B, Nitro Fun, Au5, Fractal, TheFatRat, Waterflame, PegboardNerds and a few others.



When he started, his pitch was extremely off.

His first pitch: 0 1 -1 0
Second try: 0 1 -2 0
Final try: 0 1 -2 1

He has created a lot of new pitch patterns lately:

Intro/Awesomeness 2/Madness Pitch:

0 6 0 6 0 0 0 0 1 7 1 7 1 1 1 1 - 2 4 -2 4 -2 -2 -2 -2 1 7 1 7 1

Pre Epicness Pattern: Example

0 0 1 1 0 -2 -2 -2 -2 1 1 -2 1 -2 1 1 0 -2 -2 -2 -2 1

Epicness Pattern: Example

His pitch patterns for bases.

Club Beat V2 Pitch

0 8 0 8 13 1 14 -2 6 -2 6 14 9 1 9

Antimatter Pitch

0 -5 -12 0 0 -5 -12 0 1 -4 -11 1 1 -4 -11 1 -2 -7 -14 -2 -2 -7 -14 -2 1 -4 -11 1


1 - Kick

3 - Snare

2 - Hi-Hat

Percussion #1


Percussion #2


Percussion #3


Percussion #4


Other Sites


  • Skype: Cloud-Seroku
  • Discord: CloudNinja#2878

CTGP-R Mario kart Wii

CTGP is a Custom Track MKWii mod that he plays most often currently. He has made many texture and sound mod packs for the "My Stuff" Folder that's in the files of the mod.

If you got questions. Ask on his Facebook or his Skype.

Super Smash Brothers.

CloudNinja plays Super Smash Brothers. 4 Competitively. He goes to smaller tournaments in North Las Vegas. He solo mains Greninja

He knows a lot of Footstool setups and technical combos for Greninja.

His NNID is Firecloud39000

His Greninja vs a Sheik03:00

His Greninja vs a Sheik

His Greninja Vs Sheik

-SSB4- Death he preformed first stock01:45

-SSB4- Death he preformed first stock

0 - Death He Preformed 1st stock

A Practice battle02:42

A Practice battle

Very Intense Greninja vs mario match03:16

Very Intense Greninja vs mario match

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