Clichés (IPA: /kliʃe/), here refers to those predictable and/or unoriginal things (like overusing the same quotes,using fake pitch samples, inspiring styles, and others). Most of the old things if overused too much may make Sparta Remixes less entertaining, and may make other users suspect you are a copycat.

NOTE: NOBODY is the boss around here. Avoiding clichés isn't obligatory, these are just RECOMENDATIONS. You can use these clichés but it won't make Sparta as good as it was supposed to be. But it's not like if you use ONE cliché you get your YouTube channel terminated/suspended/disabled or anything like that. Just remember, using most of these old clichés will create tensions and criticism in the Sparta Community. If you want to turn these clichés into original things, just make something different out of them.

  • Green means that the following cliché is completely fine for Sparta Remixers to use, as long as it's not abused.
  • Blue means that the following cliché should be used with attention, this means that Sparta Remixers need to be really careful when using it as it is getting really close to becoming too overused.
  • Red means that the following cliché should be used rarely, because it got too old and widespread.

List of Clichés

  1. Generic or too simple remixes using the same old quotes. (This isn't 2016 anymore, so we suggest you to put some effort on the freestyles)
  2. Generic or too simple remixes using the same old quotes.
  3. Using fake percs and fake pitch samples on your remixes. (Like taking a different sample that doesn't match the visual where the sample originally came from)
  4. Making fads that can last a long time.
  5. Off-timing remixes.
  6. Minor-toned remixes.

Have ideas for clichés to add? Suggest on the comments bellow or edit this page.

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