An 8-bit Sparta base is an old-school-type custom base made to sound like audio coming out of an 8-bit soundchip. Tachin1994's Mario Remix, the first freely-available 8-bit base (SupDawg444 did an earlier 8-bit base, but he never released it to the public, opting instead to award it to RAVAGE656 as a contest prize) uses PSG (the most typical form of 8-bit sound/music generation) in the form of square waves, triangle waves, and pseudo-random noise, resembling audio coming out of the Ricoh 2A03/2A07 CPU found in the NES/Famicom. G0ATFAC3's GXSCC Remix, on the other hand, uses primitive wavetable synthesis (some people call it instead advanced PSG) resembling the output of the Konami K051649/SCC chip, thus many people refuse to call it an 8-bit base, even though the SCC was used on many Konami game cartridges for the [MSX family of 8-bit home computers and also on many Konami arcades during the 8-bit video game era.