Biohazard is an American Sparta Remixer from New York. Biohazard434's YouTube account was created on July 6, 2006, however he did not upload his first video until December 11, 2011. Biohazard is an up and coming Sparta Remixer that strives to make Sparta Remixes that are better than others, even if they may sometimes be a hit and miss towards his fans. He also tries to improve Sparta Remixes that have already been done, but aren't really good. He also makes Downfall Parodies, as well as compositions, and a couple YouTube Poops from time to time.


Biohazard434's first video was Pingas - Sparta Dance Club Mix. This remix was made in Audacity, which would be his source for sparta remixing for about a year. His Sparta Remixes were okay, however, with Audacity, most, if not all Sparta Remixes made this way were not perfect. His last Sparta remix was made in Audacity, but Uploaded via Sony Vegas on November 28th, 2012. This Remix caused a bit of controversy between him and iteachvader, which has then cleared up. Nearly a year later after his first Sparta Remix in Audacity, he finally learned how to make Sparta Remixes in Vegas Pro 12.



Influenced by KingSpartaX37's bases, biohazard had made a numerous amount of base mashups using KingSparta's bases. Such bases include:

  • Sparta Swift Lightning Mix
  • Sparta KingSparta Medley Mix
  • Sparta Falling Off Painis Mix

Custom Bases

Biohazard has made several custom bases, in which some of them are influenced by KingSpartaX37. Such bases include:

  • Sparta Hipster Mix* (Created In Vegas)
  • Sparta Biohazard Creations Remix
  • Sparta Antics Mix (Uses some of the same instruments as KingSpartaX37)
  • Sparta Church Rock Mix ~biohazard~
  • Sparta Execution Mix ~biohazard~
  • Sparta Antics Mix v2 (Uses even more of the same instruments as KingSpartaX37)
  • Sparta Antics Mix v3 (His first 150bpm remix)

Freestyle Patterns

Biohazard has a total of 2 Freestyle patterns, a Freestyle Epicness, and two Percussions.

Freestyle #1


Freestyle #2


Freestyle Epicness

1*3_1*332*1_1311331_1*11333322221*31*3132*1_1_111_11111111111111                                                         3_3_333_3333_3_3_3_333

Percussion​ #1


Percussion #2

Percussion #2 1**2**1*112**1*1*2**1*11112**(Repeat)

Fun Facts

  • Biohazard434 is African-American
  • His Real Name is Marcus
  • He likes to test the minds of trolls
  • Likes bikes, and has the ability of riding for lengthy periods of time (Max time done: 6 hrs)
  • Has been paying attention to Sparta Remixing since the era of jedi787plus
  • Favorite Sparta Remixers of all time are KingSpartaX37, Teh24thSpartan (TLF007), Mat2468xk, MrNosgon, Tachin1994, TehEpicSpartan, and RAVAGE656. (If your name wasn't mentioned, don't worry, you're still an epic remixer, and I probably can't think of your name right now xD)

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