.Aquatic- is a male sparta remixer who joined in late 2014 when he was in 5th grade. He is now currently 13 years old, and lives in the southside of Pennsylvania with his friend/half-brother Classik who also makes sparta remixes. Classik is 12 turning 13 on July 15. When Aquatic started making remixes, he was horrible, he didnt know how to do anything, until he got help from pro remixers. Now in April 2017, he is one of the people on the high end of sparta remixing, and likes to teach people the components of remixing. He currently has 895 subs on youtube.Template:128UXU source

Mashup Bases

  • Sparta Midnight Beach Base
  • Sparta RoboTron Base (unrealesed)
  • Sparta IVE Base
  • Sparta Dressing NES Chaos base
  • Sparta Zombie Thriller Base
  • Sparta ZGDJ Base
  • Sparta SeaJ Base
  • Sparta Triple Lightspeed Base
  • Sparta Seattle Base 2017 Edition

Custom Bases

  • Sparta unknownful base
  • Sparta Acidic base
  • Sparta Acidic V2 Base
  • Sparta Fine Base ARE
  • Sparta Monk Base ARE
  • Sparta Randomness base LSE
  • Sparta WAN1 Base