Animation Field


January 2015


July/August 2015 (Came back December 2015)







First Base/Mashup

Sparta Subway Base (OLD AF)

Animation Field (A.K.A Super Latte Productions) was a Sparta Remixer back in January 2015 till the end of July 2015. 


Animation Field started making Sparta Remixes back in the beginning of January 2015. His first ever video came out just a few days after he started trying. His first Sparta only 6 seconds long and the main chorus was Firey from Battle For Dream Island. The timing was off though, being faster than it should be.

Under February he made lotsa sparta tests, that sucked very much, still no base or right timing.

Under April-June it was kinda dead for Animation Field, but then, in the beginning of July he made a comeback with a sparta that was actually the right timing! After that he made 2-3 previews/Scrap or Finish? but then he decided to quit even though he hasnt told anyone.

Animation Field has now returned back to spartas.

List of bases

  • Sparta Venus Magnum Mix (fixed by Alex The Savior)
  • Sparta Decanac Mix
  • Sparta Double MOH Mix
  • Sparta RetroJam Mix
  • Sparta MegaUltraSuper Mix
  • Sparta SFE Remix
  • Sparta Double Pulse Mix
  • Sparta DrTriPle Mix
  • Sparta SprintStyle Mix
  • Sparta AniField Mix
  • Sparta Terrific Dance Mix
  • Sparta Venus Magnum V2 Mix
  • Sparta Neonical Mix
  • Sparta Magnetical Base
  • Sparta Cannon Base
  • Sparta Volt Cola Base
  • Sparta Hoverboard Base
  • Sparta Denver Base
  • Sparta Compaq Base
  • Sparta DAC Base
  • Sparta Torch Mix
  • Sparta Gaming Mix
  • Sparta Accuracy Remix
  • Sparta Sequonitron Remix
  • Sparta Taciom Remix
  • Sparta Subway Base 
  • Sparta SubZero Base
  • Sparta MSB Mix
  • Sparta SuperBad Remix 

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