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Alex (also known as ~ATS~, Peanut, Alex the Savior, PiaNO!, GLaDOS996 [1]) is a Sparta Remixer and a YTPMVer who joined the Sparta Remix Community in 2014, and improved many months later. His first remix was made in 2011, but hasn't started making more since 2014.

Since then, he had three sparta remix-related YouTube channels, two that were taken down and his newest one, "Alex", which is his most active one. He used to upload a bunch of remixes back then in the day when he was booming in popularity, but now he limits himself to upload at least one in a period of one-two weeks.

Since 2014, he has participated in and created many collaborations with other remixers.

Sparta Bases

If you want to see Alex's Sparta Bases and original songs, we recommend you to look on his Soundcloud.

In Wikia

  • Alex is a contributor to the wiki. He is responsible for taking care of the wiki.