A_TheMore Spartaneus
His Youtube profile photo.
Vital statistics
Name A_TheMore Spartaneus
Gender Male
Country Malaysia
Status Active (possibly) (not making Sparta Remixes anymore)
Date joined March 2015
Date left September 17th 2016
First base Sparta Dark Astroland Mix (Mashup)
First remix Aahh!!! Clash of Clans Sparta Remix

A_TheMore Spartaneus (a.k.a. TehArcturusAntromeda or currently ATM) is a Malaysian sparta remixer who joined at the early of year 2015. He likes to improve himself from the other sparta remixers.

His channel


Five Nights at Freddy's 1 2 3 Sparta Remix (Ft02:15

Five Nights at Freddy's 1 2 3 Sparta Remix (Ft. Markiplier)

He started creating a Youtube channel, which his first name on Youtube is ReGeNeRatOr Regenerate. Then followed by BigDozer #LastHope, TehArcturusAntromeda SpartanSirius, A_TheMore Spartaneus, and finally, ATM.

On 2014 (maybe), he started watch a sparta remix when he played StepMania 5 that has "This Is Patrick! Sparta Remix" song track. After that, he watched the others on Youtube, even the original one.

On March 2015, he uploaded his first sparta remix, "Aahh!!! Clash of Clans Sparta Remix". This video was kinda off timing and doesn't attract much viewers. His channel had gone wild since he uploaded another sparta remix, "Five Nights at Freddy's 1 2 3 Sparta Remix (Ft. Markiplier)" that had reached more than 40K viewers and gained 100 subscribers that he didn't realised that. 

PREVIEW SBSP ' You ate old man jenkins! ' - Sparta Vertex Remix-000:33

PREVIEW SBSP ' You ate old man jenkins! ' - Sparta Vertex Remix-0

On June 2015, he finally discovered the ptich technique by using Melodyne but he still didn't know how to use that. So, he find the alternative way and got Vocodex. It's been months since he used Vocodex and he tried to find a good way to make the pitch sound great. Finally, on October 2015, he finally knew how to use Melodyne at the same time that he also got Melodyne.

On September 17th 2016, he announced his retirement from Sparta Remixes, due to people making fun of them and himself being tired of them, and later on, he deleted all of his Sparta Remixes.


  • Sparta Dark Astroland Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Venom Base TAA Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Magellanic Mix
  • Sparta Heavenly DreamMatter Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Sky Empire Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Rocky Night Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Antimatter ATM Mix
  • Sparta Symmetry Mix
  • Sparta Transylvania Mix
  • Sparta Adscititious Mix (Mashup)
  • Imaginary Spartacore Base (Mashup)
  • Sparta Soaring Empire Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Brony Chaos ATM Mix (Mashup)
  • Sparta Electrohouse Mix

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