5P4R74NBRONY27 is a Sparta Remixer who is believed to be mat2468xk. People found out about this when CyberD3ath uploaded a video called "Mat2468xk Is A Brony! w Proof". The video showed a screenshot of SpartanBrony's channel which featured mat2468xk under "My alt". Two other factors are that the channel's country is the Phillipines, which is the same country as mat2468xk's, and that SpartanBrony's watermark is the same style/font as mat's. Most people believe 5P4R74NBRONY27 is mat2468xk, therefore believing mat is a brony, despite the fact that mat2468xk insists that he isn't.

Mat2468xk Is A Brony! w Proof01:53

Mat2468xk Is A Brony! w Proof


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