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128UXU is godfather of custom sparta remixes, main contributor of TUSBC collection and maintainer of AnonA stuff.

Mentally Advanced Fic

128UXU as an anonymous author presents to you his own dreamless stuff MOTKU. 128UXU is a non-existent, temporal, eternally, reallistic, fucked up, parodixal thingy known by influence to stay in Universe 0 with weird weegee base-form called guiyii. They live in virtual reality universe when the reality is dead and then soul can die, NK 128th influence of hell.

Value re-edit:

-->Type: Another Creature

Some fun times facts:

  1. The Witch Doctor destroyed it
  2. Called by universes The Walking Dead SHKA Donald Trump
  3. It was banished into moon for thousands of years, when there weren't dreams
  4. It was tripped in Abarrax for milions of eons
  5. Polish people call him Mietek Żul
  6. It was burning in hell for over 1 000 000 years old
  7. Planct's constant ago it was deatomised by The Dead
  8. It've got every elbow Johnny Bravo got

There is one known battle between all retarded and him which has its consequence in guiyii over-kill. Link:!yFV3WJKD!dP8_t03NpqOrjEKsYA9u8A

News show that the nearest definition applying to human minds subgykarity is The Walking Mindfuck, however every speculations about it lead into insanity or in worst case drug addiction. Remember fuck up is worse than any nightmare and death.

The person behind the rows proves on his mega account eating the hottest pepper in the world and his love to all living forms strong trunks of alcohol.


This is spoken creature thingy doesn't have any personality and is anti-psychiatry a soul dementor, just ballz are innert. However we know his traits:

It fucked up, so it's hated by all antagonists. Someone called it AFGNCAAP "Ageless Faceless Gender Neutral Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person" for the mindfuck sake.

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