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09noahjohn is a 13 year old (now 17) Amateur Sparta Remixer that has his own freestyle and even accepts requests.

He usually used to use Klasky Csupo sources and other sources that sometimes people request from him. He also makes quadparisons, sixteenparisons, ultimateparisons, nineparisons and superparisons that are actually good. He sometimes participates in sparta remix collabs nicely.

Now, he usually uses GoAnimate sources and lots of times he uses the Sparta Venom Base (including its remakes) a lot. He doesn't use Klasky Csupo sources that much as before and doesn't accept requests anymore. He no longer does sparta remix parisons and doesn't participate in collabs as much as he used to. He changed his style along time, and this is most notable in the remixes using the Sparta Venom Base.

Klasky CSUPO

Profile pic of his old terminated channel

When 09noahjohn sees some sparta remixes that has his favorite sources and some that he did not see but downloaded for his next parison, he starts to request everyone with sources that is all about him with different sparta bases and some with Klasky Csupo.

Also, his best friends are GumBoB GamerGumBob, MrNosgon, Benton4700, Marcllorca101, TheLuigifan007 (Sometimes), 6264jenz, Robert Irizarry (Sometimes), Gwendolyn Moody, Roblox3dflash AKA Teh3dSpartan (Sometimes), Scdaniel9000 Inc AKA PajamaDarkness Network, DrMario Fan128, Camilo Delgado Figueroa (Sometimes), and others.

All about Robert Irizarry

Robert Irizarry joins 09noahjohn to start requesting everyone to make some of his cartoons have a sparta remix and some with "Powerpuff Girls" sources just so everyone could take his request where Princess Morbucks have a sparta remix with different bases like some with the "Madhouse" symbol and some bases with different symbols.

Robert Irizarry is just doing that because he thinks that Princess Morbucks is his favorite female character sometimes and "The Powerpuff Girls" is his favorite show alot.

Also, Robert Irizarry never gets terminated. But Outfit7 and Viacom just blocks every "SpongeBob SquarePants", "My Talking Tom (Expect the Not Offical Video.)" and/or "Talking Tom"  sparta remix he reuploaded from terminated users for copyright reasons.

He also made a new account called "Robert Irizarry's Sparta Remix Reuploads" after removing all of his reuploads of 09noahjohn and other users. He also made another account after that. He named it "09noahjohn Archives". Also, he don't add the "(REUPLOAD)/(Reupload)" symbols anymore. He just puts the names of the remixes on YouTube without it. He fills the descriptions by doing this.

Things for Robert Irzarry when he is reuploading deleted stuff

1: He types "Reuploaded By (BLOCKED USER)"

2: He sends links to people's newer and alt accounts.

3: He says that everything belongs to their respective owners so he won't get in trouble.

4: He says that every base the terminated user has used belongs to other people that did or did not get terminated.


In March 23, 2013, He started remixing and made "PICKLED FISH LIPS! Sparta remix extended".

Somewhere in late August 2014, 09noahjohn/09noahjohn 2 made his first My Little Pony remix called: "Yay! Sparta Party Hard Remix" that the source was "Fluttershy - Yay" from the episode: "Sonic Rainboom" (reuploaded on October 2016, requested by TehPortugueseSpartan/RicardoTehSpartan RainbowDashy).

In April 6, 2015, 09noahjohn did Robert Irizarry's first "Powerpuff Girls" request and Robert Irizarry liked it. It's named "Princess Morbucks - BUT I SHOULD BE A POWERPUFF GIRL!!! Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix". In May 22, 2015, Robert Irizarry gave Camilo Delgado Figueroa a request to reupload 09noahjohn's Video that 09noahjohn removed on YouTube by accident. Camilo reuploaded "That was Torture! Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix" and "My Sparta Quadparison 5" and Robert Irizarry liked it including 09noahjohn who liked it too, but in July 1st, 2015, Camilo marked all of his videos as private on YouTube then he continues to upload his videos, and Robert Irizarry reuploaded "That was Torture! Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix" and "My Sparta Quadparison 5" by 09noahjohn from him.

But later, 09noahjohn has been terminated in June 9th, 2015 due to copyright infringements because he uploaded 251 videos of "SpongeBob SquarePants", "Oobi" and other stuff strictly protected by copyright statute. But, he has a new account called 09noahjohn 2 and continues making sparta remixes. The same account termination thing happened to GSR as well, which created a new account named GlamorousGermanSpartan.

In February 12, 2016, 09noahjohn made "This is Garbage! Sparta Passion Remix". But in there, he said that he'll not accept requests anymore after commenting a user who asked him that 09noahjohn always ignores everyone's requests.

But XboxRob11 requested him to make a very first "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" sparta remix. In Febuary 12, 2016, 09noahjohn made "YeYe's "Thank You" Party Is All Messed Up! Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix" but XboxRob11 wants it as "(Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) Kai-Lan has a crying Sparta Madhouse Zozey Edition Remix". XboxRob11 also likes "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" just how he likes "The Powerpuff Girls" and "TheAngryGrandpaShow".

Also, XboxRob11 and other people may think 09noahjohn wants a few requests, or maybe not. But 09noahjohn has to see if he wants that. 09noahjohn also spoke to XboxRob11 that he is too lazy because XboxRob11 told him to reupload his stuff but always forgot to do it.

On mid-August 2016, he made his Jario style remixes and he wants to continue making it, so far he made the pitches for Gamma base.

Base Created

  • Sparta 09noahjohn Edited 09noahjohn Base (Upload from his terminated channal)