:-Oppai-: (aka TehMaximusSpartan, re:Weeaboo, re:Oppai, GardevoirTehMixer) is a Sparta Remixer that joined in 2013.


My Part for EpicRemix o's Animu Collab

My Part for EpicRemix o's Animu Collab

Oppai started making bases at his channel wake, right ahead, with the name of "Neo Raiderz". He made bases with percussions by editing their pitch. He was really bad at his first years. Then, he learned how to use plugins from FL Studio like Sytrus, Harmor, Harmless etc.

He learnt by, mostly, himself but with some help of some Spartans like GlamorousGermanSpartan, Gyakuten(had a very quick disappearance), and others.

He used FL Studio for his first audio Sparta Remix like "[Spongebob] Victory Screech!! Sparta Club Chaos Mix XKE". Then, he used Vegas and was very bad at timing until he asked some help from Oguzkan. Then, he taught himself how to do pitches in FL Studio. His first visual Sparta Remix was "[Regular Show] Benson has a Sparta SWAG Mix", which was recently deleted because it was horrible for him.

Until then, he joined in collaborations. He made his parts complete with pitch and percussion.


The Base That No One Will Ever Use -Sparta TBTNOWEU Mix-

The Base That No One Will Ever Use -Sparta TBTNOWEU Mix-

In mid/late 2014, he had a total of 124 bases until he saw GlamorousGermanSpartan's comment in his one of his videos, telling him that he made too much bases in mid 2015, made him delete almost every base he had on his channel. There, he started his visual remixing.

He is the 3rd Spartan to make a Sparta Medley. (the first is Aduburyus "BaseFinal" then PiaNO!/AlexTheSavior's "S-Side of Sparta Remix") The title is "The Base That No One Will Ever Use" which is 7 minutes and 35 seconds long.


  • He hates horrible remixes, but likes to help improving others.
  • He is VERY supportive.
  • Currently made the best version of the Sparta Eurobeat Mix by KingSpartaX37
  • Has a YTPMV channel called MilkJugs.
  • Tends to correct every mistake he sees.
  • Has a very low self-esteem.
  • He is very afraid of Aduburyus.
  • Likes Anime so much.
  • Has a sister and the fourth female Spartan, "SimpleTomoko".
  • "I would like to say sincerely, FUCK YOU, thanks."
  • Is a weeaboo.
  • okay time to do incest